Fontana del Papa has a story!
To understand it you have to come, then the words to describe it, you will find!
A long and intense story that comes from longtime ago
So many small pieces of Roman amphora, Deruta's pottery ... untill today ...
A dozen years ago, two "crazy" people, who dreamed open-minded, decided to and by them selves, saved the olive grove and Casale from the abandonment. They re-gave life to olive trees ...
And the story continues with those who still lives here. The gift that the Fontana del Papa reserves to those who come is the pleasure of being well, feeling at home, cooking lunch or dinner together and especially for everyone to return to the delight of long refreshing sleeping in the silence of the countryside. In short, the Fontana del Papa gives something that no longer exists.
Something for the soul and the spirit!
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